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Leo Tolstoy

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Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy was born as Count Leo Nikolayevich (1828-1910), near Moscow and earned fame as philosopher and social reformer.

            Since his parents died when he was a child, he was brought up by relatives. At 16, he left the Kazan University and drifted between his estate and social whirl of Moscow before joining the army in 1852. Much of his leisure time he spent in writing his first published book Detstvo (Childhood), which is a delightful combination of autobiography and fiction of his own and those the knew well. He wrote a number of short stories. In 1862, at the age of 34, he married a girl of 18 and the next 15 years were the happiest of his life, during which time he fathered 13 children and completed The Cossacks (1863) besides his two masterpieces: War and Peace and Anna Karenina.

            War and Peace is…

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Workshop on Managing Literature for Scholarly Writing; 13 July 2014

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Kerala Library Association Centre for Professional Development (KLA-CPD) is organizing a Workshop on Managing Literature for Scholarly Writing.

About the workshop

This workshop will empower the researcher to systemically identify, capture, organize, and use the scholarly literature. The researchers also will be able to learn how to manage the numerous PDF files they already have in a proper way and how to add notes and annotations to them. Further it will also provide insights about how to use its bibliographical information to generate the references / citations and to insert them in MSWord / Open Office during the paper / theses writing process in the required citation style.

 Workshop Components:

– Installation and customization of reference software Zotero.

– Capturing and organizing references/citations and full text.

– Managing literature including notes and annotations

– Referencing / citation – styles

– Integration with Word Processor for citing and generating bibliography


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1000 Feelings for Which There Are No Names by Mario Giordano

Of Books and Reading

1000 Feelings for Which there are No Names by Mario Giordano Title: 1000 Feelings for Which There Are No Names
Author: Mario Giordano
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780143125280
Genre: Non-Fiction
Pages: 256
Source: Publisher
Rating: 5/5

There are feelings really for which there are no names. You do know what name or word applies to those feelings. But sometimes, names confound you. They leave you wondering, what is the word that should fit the emotion. And to add to that, if you find the words for a thousand emotions then nothing like it. This book has it all.

“1000 Feelings for which there are no Names” by Mario Giordano is a book which you can open to any page and be stunned by what is written there. It is not a self-help book. It is not a book which lends advice. It is just a book about life and Giordano has just observed and given thought to feelings and more than…

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Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Of Books and Reading

Wonder by R.J. Palacio Title: Wonder
Author: R.J. Palacio
Publisher: Corgi Books
ISBN: 9780552565974
Genre: Teenage Fiction/Literary Fiction
Pages: 320
Source: Publisher
Rating: 5/5

There are times I have seen that people are not kind. That is the easiest to be. Isn’t it? There are times when I have found myself not that kind and I have wondered: Why? Why was there a need to be rude or mean to someone? Just because someone was the way he or she was, did that mean that I had to become like this? Was it necessary? It is not about being mister goody-two-shoes either. It is just about kindness and “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio is all about that.

I had that book lying around with me for the longest time. I think for about a year and a half and I did not read it. I then moved to Bangalore and thank God for P, who…

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