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Book review: Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

Author: J.K. ROWLING
Pages: 251
Summary of the book:
J K Rowling the author has written the book in a breath taking fashion. The book is about a, Harry Potter, who is a wizard and learns magic from a school called Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Harry’s parents were killed by a dark wizard who was known as the most notorious wizard of the time called himself as VOLDOMORT. He’s staying in his nephew’s house after his parents were murdered. The Dursels treated him as vermin during all the time he stayed with them. It is Harry’s second year in Hogwarts and the Dursels received a guest in their house, a house elf who warns Harry to not to go back to Hogwarts. The house elf named Doby creates a lot of problem and Harry is punished by not letting him to go to school. But one of his friends help his way back to school and they realize and solve the mystery and danger in the school.The Chamber of secrets is opened. It’s a room with a monster. Then Harry and his friends find the chamber through great difficulties and succeed in killing on of the Valdermots.
Book review by: Vishnu, Class IX A
Submitted on: 26.08.09

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Book review: David Copperfield

Name of the book: DAVID COPPERFIELD (Abridged)
Pages: 102
Summary of the book:
David Copperfield is the masterpiece of the great writer Charles Dickens. Along with the book Oliver Twist, Christmas Carol, he wrote David Copperfield as his favorite. He itself clarified that it was his favorite by saying, “Of all my books I like this the best”. It’s about a boy named David Copperfield and other characters are his mother, their servant Pegotty, Mr.Murdstone, Ham, Emily, Mrs.Gummidge, Mr.Pegotty, Mr.Creakle, Mr.Mell, Miss Murdstone, Mrs. Micawder, etc. And Agnes is also an important character, she is the wife of David.
Book review by: Antony Varghese, Class VIII A
Submitted on: 29.08.09

David’s mother marries Mr. Mudstone who is a cruel kind of person and brings his sister to their house. Both Mrs. Mudstone and Miss. Mudstone are harsh on the boy. They send him to a boarding school where he suffers a lot. He loses his mother and the Mudstones send him to work in a factory. He meets Mr.Micawber there and stays at his house. He runs away from the factory to meet his aunt Miss Betsy. He studies and practices law for a little time. It is a wonderful little book.
Reviewed by: Sai Bharath, 9-D

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Book review: Bionicle, the mask of light

Author: C.A. HAPKA
Time taken to read the book: 2 hours
The main characters: Takua, Jaller, Makuta, the Six toa
Summary of the story: Once, two spirit brothers lived, the Great Spirit Mata Nui and the evil Makuta. Once, when Mata Nui went to sleep, Makuta started ruling the island ‘Mata Nui’. Six toa, each one having the power of one element are the guardians of the island. One day, two boys – Takua and Jaller – find a seventh toa mask, the mask of light. They embark on a journey, to find its mysterious owner, who according to legends is the only one who can save the island from Makuta’s tyranny of shadows. They are pursued by six rahkshis, the children of Makuta. Finally, Takua finds the seventh toa within himself – Takanuva the toa of light. He defeats Makuta in a kohii match [a popular sport] and leads everyone from darkness to light. It is a new beginning.
I liked the story because: It is written with a lot of creativity. It is a good story.
Book review by: Nikhil V., Class X C
Submitted on: 12.07.10

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Book review: Sphinx

Name of the book: SPHINX
Summary of the book:
The sphinx is an extremely thrilling novel about Egyptian black market of ancient artifacts. The author has included story about tombs and the curse of Tutenkhamen with Seti I there is a treasure which could be opened by solving a puzzle about the tomb. The main character is Erica Baron who is an Egyptologist and has come to Egypt to study about the tombs. On the very first day she is witness to a murder of an old man who showed her the statue of “The Pharaoh Seti I”. From there onwards she is being dragged into many problems of black market in Egypt and slowly she starts to uncover a huge mystery of the pyramid. It’s a complete novel dealing with the black market and tombs. The writer has taken special efforts to make the novel dramatic in many scenes and there is a part where Erica is shut in cave and left to die of starvation. But she amazingly escapes from it. It’s a great book to read about Egypt.
Book review by: Arvind P.G., Class IX A
Submitted on: 29.10.10

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Book review: A damsel in distress

Name of the book: A damsel in distress
No. of pages: 258
Time taken to read the book: 6 hrs.
Summary of the book:
“A damsel in distress” is as usual one of the most comic loved thrillers
of P.G Wodehouse. In this Wodehouse has again unraveled his usual
style of mistaken identity and the perfect Wodehouse styled comedy of
errors. In this George Bevan who is a nice composer of song for the
stage shows and dramas meets a young woman who suddenly enters into
his cab in traffic block and tells him to hide her while another young
man slightly older than the woman comes in searching for her when
George rises to the occasion and helps the woman escape, George
couldn’t forget her and traces her through her so called brother who
was the young man trying to find the woman in the first place and
reaches the Belpher Castle. Here George is misidentified as the
american man who loves Lady Maud which was the woman in the cab. While
this is going on the condition in the Belpher castle isn’t too good
for Maud due to her brother Percy and her aunt Lady Carlyon Bying who
wants Maud to marry her stepson Reggie Bying and who is actually in
love with the secretary of the Lord Marshmoreton who is Maud’s and
Percy’s father and who loves gardening roses.The complete comical
errors and turns of the story leads to Lady Maud reconsidering her
heart to the american man who has changed to the nice pleasant and the
lovable George who thought she was in love with him. A completely
comical story of love and friendship it is one of the most comic
novels I have read.
Book review by: Arvind P.G., Class IX A
Submitted on: 29.11.10

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